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Fish Wrap: Marlins 3, Athletics 0

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Ricky Nolasco seemed to understand that with the Marlins offense struggling miserably, he'd have to be pretty near perfect to get a win on Wednesday night against the Oakland A's. 

And he was. Ricky pitched his second career complete game shutout, to deliver the Marlins their fourth win this long, ugly month.

Ricky looked shaky in the first when he loaded up the bases on two singles and a walk, but he pitched out of it, and settled down, allowing just five hits and two walks in his nine innings. 

The Fish didn't bother with small ball against Guillermo Moscoso. Instead, Hanley jacked a 2-run homer in the first inning, and Logan Morrison added a solo shot in the third to give the Marlins a 3-0 lead. The offense decided to take the rest of the night off, but with Ricky going the distance, it was enough for the win. 

June ends today. But hopefully, for the Marlins, it ended last night.