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With the list of injured growing, is confidence dwindling?

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Injury might be the quickest way to kill confidence in a team, as evidenced by the latest dip in the numbers on the FishStripes Fan Confidence poll, which was last tallied at 70% overall confidence on May 30th.

On a strikeout pitch in the ninth inning of Wednesday's series finale with the Diamondbacks, another Marlin bit the DL. Well, Clay Hensley didn't exactly land on the DL when he dropped to the ground, clutching his right arm and grimacing in pain, but from his description of the pain and the pull he felt in his pitching arm, it is likely that's where the reliever is headed. 

Hensley will join the growing list of walking--or limping--wounded, including both of the Marlins' All Star players.

Josh Johnson is on the DL with right shoulder inflammation, and while Anibal Sanchez is doing a good job this month of being a substitute ace, the Marlins want their All Star pitcher back in the rotation. JJ could be ready to pitch as early as Tuesday against the Braves, provided everything goes well with his rehab until then. 

The Fish are also missing the bat of their All Star shortstop (though one could argue that Hanley's bat has been MIA since the start of the season). Hanley and his .210 average left Sunday's game with the Dodgers because of low back pain, and the shortstop complaining of sciatic pain as well. The Marlins listed him as day-to-day, but are expected to make a decision today whether he will be placed on the DL.

We're curious to know how the latest barrage of injuries is affecting your faith in the Fishes. The rotation and lineup is out of whack thanks to various aches and pains, and now the bullpen has taken a hit. How does this bode for the Marlins? Sitting eight games over .500 and just 2 games back of the Phillies, are you hitting the panic button at the thought of losing Hanley and Hensley for a period of time?