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Fish Wrap: Marlins 0, Athletics 1

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June is almost over. June is almost over. June is almost over.

If you repeat that to yourself a thousand or so times, you may actually begin to believe that when the calendar flips to July, the Marlins will magically flip into a team that doesn't suck.

In their series opener with Oakland Tuesday night, the Marlins lost their 14th one-run game in a row. 

Javier Vazquez pitched his guts out, and held the Athletics to just one run on three hits over seven innings, and struck out five. Unfortunately for Javy, Gio Gonzalez saw his performance and raised him eight one-hit shutout innings in which he struck out 10.

Emilio Bonifacio had a single to lead off the game, and that was it for the Marlins' flailing offense.

In the seventh inning, Gaby Sanchez was called out on a swing that he felt he had checked (and the replays felt he had, too), and was ejected from the game for throwing his bat.

I repeat: June is almost over.