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Brad Hand optioned to Jupiter

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The Marlins optioned Brad Hand to Jupiter and one of the rumors out there is that Jose Ceda will be called up for bullpen help. Don't know about Ceda but Hand was indeed sent down. I don't think Hand will remain in A-ball long and will likely be moved back to Double-A Jacksonville. Since Hand was scheduled to start on Wednesday, the Marlins are thinking about covering that spot in the rotation with a start by the bullpen.

Hand while he was up, pitched reasonably well. When he could find the strike zone he showed the stuff that makes him highly regarded by the organization. Hand is far from polished but the potential definitely shined through. In his 15.2 innings of work he only gave up 9 hits, however 4 of the hits were home runs. 

Really don't know what the thinking is going forward. The Marlins have a couple of off-days coming up so they can go with just four starters for a little while. But eventually they will have to address the fifth starter and when that times come, they may recall Hand or go a different direction. But if they go a different direction, I have no idea what direction that will be.