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Chris Coghlan to the DL?

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It is being reported that Chris Coghlan has admitted to a knee injury and is headed to the DL.

From Buster Olney via twitter.

 Buster Olney 



So Cogz has some sort of a knee issue, no report whether it is his left knee which he had surgery on for a torn meniscus or his right. And not to mention his shoulder, which passed an MRI, but he still gets treatment on before and after each game.

The boy appears to be falling apart at the seams.

I hope the Marlins had the good sense to place him on the Major League DL and not try to pull that crap they did with Anibal Sanchez. That was embarrassing enough and surely they won't attempt that again.

The way it is looking Cogz may attempt to recover and play again this season, but he won't last long. Just too many physical problems  and he needs to get himself healed. If he doesn't return, that will be fine. He has a spot in the lineup when he is healthy.

But in the meantime, the Marlins will run the Dewayne Wise experiment which I doubt will pay dividends. Later in the season look for Scott Cousins or Bryan Petersen to be the everyday center fielder and you know what, I can easily live with that.