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Fish Wrap: Marlins 1, Rays 5

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The Marlins decided to extend their stay in Suckville another day, dropping their series opener to Tampa Bay Friday night at Tropicana Field.

Do I really need to recap the game for you? Do you honestly want me to explain in intricate detail the manner in which the Fish lost their eighth game in a row, for the second time in June? Didn't think so.

Rather than recapping the loss, I will instead attempt a boost of morale here at FishStripes. I give you:

Things That Did NOT Suck Profusely About This Game

  • Brad Hand wasn't terrible. Sure, he only lasted 4 2/3 innings, and gave up two home runs, but at least he didn't go all Chris Volstad or Javier Vazquez on us. 
  • With a solo home run in the fifth inning, John Buck finally snapped the Marlins' streak of 19 scoreless innings. It's not a hit with a runner in scoring position or anything, but  hey, we'll take it. 
  • The Hopper had a nice 1.1 innings, and did not get glove-slapped in his delicate area by Uncle Wes, Jr. (that we know of).
  • Edwin got ejected in the eighth for arguing a bad "judgement call" by home plate ump Ted Barrett. If we can't watch the Fish win, the least they can do is provide us with other forms of entertainment during games.
  • Loria didn't fire anyone.

It's the little things that we must cling to in this time of peril. And by we, I mean the three people who are still cheering for the Florida Marlins.