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Chris Coghlan optioned to NOLA; Dewayne Wise selected; Dustin Richardson DFA'd

In a surprise move the Marlins have optioned Chris Coghlan to Triple-A New Orleans and called up Dewayne Wise to take his spot. In order to make room on the 40-man roster the organization designated Dustin Richardson for assignment.

Think about this: the Marlins just sent down the 2009 ROY in order to bring up a 32 year-old outfielder who has never hit above .250 in his career. In fact, his career Major League slash stats are .222/.260/.382.

Wise was with the Marlins in Spring Training but failed to earn a spot on the roster. Now, one could point to a sprained big toe as the reason or one could just say he sucked. But either way, he didn't show he had what it took, at least then.

Presumably his toe is all healed, if that was the major problem. After he opted out of a minor league assignment by the Marlins Wise signed a minor league deal with the Blue Jays and was placed in Triple-A, where he performed pretty well. For the Jays Triple-A club Wise hit .338/.382/.549. I wouldn't expect to see those numbers in the Majors since Las Vegas is an extreme hitters park.

The problem with this move is that Wise really has no upside, as opposed to Coghlan who does. Chris was having a rough year at the plate but is quite capable of working through his problems. And given the way the Marlins are going, they could have afforded for Cogz to work them out in Majors.

This move exchanges a young player will a high ceiling for one with very little potential. Bringing up Wise and demoting Coghlan reeks of desperation and not in a good way. The Marlins are officially grasping at straws. And more than likely, just made the team worse.