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Steve Cishek gets 5-Star treatment at Vinoy

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When the Marlins are in St. Petersburg to play the Rays they stay at Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club. Which is a beautiful hotel so I'm told, but there is one problem with it: it is haunted. Or so the story goes.

It seems strange things happen at the resort.


One of the historians in the Renaissance Vinoy Resort was giving a tour of the hotel to a group of children. They entered the elevator to go to the mezzanine when one of the kids asked if the hotel was haunted. The historian said there was indeed a story of a "white lady" who roamed around the fifth floor.

At that moment the elevator button for the fifth floor lit up, according to the tale. The elevator rose past the mezzanine and went straight to the floor that was supposed to be haunted. The door opened, and no one was there.

The historian says she has no explanation for the event; she really doesn't.

And strange elevator rides aren't the only thing that happens at the resort. In fact, the hotel opened up the place to the Sci Fi Channels "Ghost Hunters " for them to check out. I didn't see the episode so I don't know how it turned out. But they aired it, so they must have got something.

In the past there have been reports of many unexplained occurrences.

Water faucets turning on by themselves. Doors opening and closing mysteriously. Lights in the rooms flickering with no apparent cause. All these pranks and more supposedly are the results of mischievous spirits floating through the Vinoy.

Back in the day when Scott Williamson was pitching for the Reds, he put forth the best tale of staying at the Vinoy.

You can find it here:

Haunted Baseball: Stompin' at the Vinoy

Which brings us to Steve Cishek, last night he tweeted the following:


Steve Cishek
Currently crapping my pants... Can't sleep... My room is def haunted.
Of course veterans have been known to run around the halls rattling chains to scare the rookies. But if Cishek is in the old section, and especially on the fifth floor, where most of the ghostly activity happens, it may not be veterans causing him some unease.
If young Mr. Cishek thinks the Vinoy is haunted, just wait until September 23-25 when the Marlins are in Milwaukee. There, the Fish stay at the Pfister Hotel and that place makes the Vinoy look like the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World. The Pfister is by all accounts, the real deal. He will have a blast there.