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Thursday's game only *mostly* sucked.

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With the Marlins in a tailspin so awful it’s actually fascinating to watch, there is precious little for their fans to celebrate. But as Philadelphia completed a four-game sweep of the Fish on Thursday afternoon at Citizen’s Bank Park, there were, in fact, a few things to rejoice not want to commit suicide about.

For starters (pun intended), Cliff Lee didn’t throw a no-hitter. Sure, that’s precious little consolation for a fan base that has endured a one-win month of June, and has helplessly watched their team go from a hair shy of first place to dead last in the NL East. Nevertheless, it is a silver(ish) lining on the cloud of doom that is the current stretch of Florida Marlins baseball.

All the Fish would need after dropping 14 of the last 15--and emerging victorious from their battle with the Nationals for the basement of our division--would be to watch Lee make history against the club, essentially kicking them in the teeth while they’re down.

Cliff Lee didn't no-hit the Fish, but he also didn’t allow a hit until two outs in the fourth inning. Mike Stanton's single was what prevented a massive celebration of Philth from taking place as the Marlins mourned another loss. It was one of only two hits Lee allowed as he shut out the Marlins.

So how does one manage to scrape together two whole positives from this game? Well, given the way Javier Vazquez has been pitching since he signed on with Florida, one might consider his three runs through six innings downright ace-like. Javy didn't suck (as much as usual)! Wooo!

But, well, the Marlins lost anyway. 

In case you need to be reminded, the team for which you cheer is on a seven game skid, is officially in sole possession of last place in the NL East, and is 1-14 in the month of June. But things could be worse... And tomorrow, they probably will be.