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Brad Davis DFA'd; Villanueva Optioned; Lopez Selected

After the game the Marlins made a few roster moves. The organization optioned Elih Villanueva to NOLA as expected. Then the Marlins designated catcher Brad Davis for assignment to make room on the 40-man roster and called up Jose Lopez from Triple-A. Lopez will start at 3rd base in tonight's second game.

Just what the team needed, a fourth guy who can play third. This will solve everything.

Lopez was released earlier in the season by the Rockies for the reason that he doesn't hit and he can't get on base. The last time Lopez's OBP was north of .300 was in 2009 and even then it was only .303. In case you are thinking he is a low OBP guy who slugs, think again. His slugging percentage has only been above .400 three times in his eight-year career and most recently it was below .300 with the Rockies.

He can play 2nd, SS or 3rd, but he isn't exactly the slickest fielder in the game.

But he does add bench depth, so I guess that is something.

By designating Brad Davis for assignment it exposes the catcher to waivers, which he may clear or may not. That will all depend on whether another team needs a backup catcher or catcher insurance in the Minors. Given that Brad isn't hitting very well this season in Triple-A, .212/.294/.303, he may just clear.

And the beat goes on.