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Josh Johnson to 60-day DL; Elih Villanueva selected

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The Marlins made some roster moves after last night's game. First, in order to make a spot on the 40-man roster Josh Johnson was moved to 60-day DL list. Then Ozzie Martinez was optioned to NOLA to make room on the 25-man roster for Elih Villanueva to make his Major League debut by starting the first game of the double header.

Putting JJ on the the 60-day DL really isn't much of surprise since he is still throwing off flat ground due to his shoulder inflammation. Shoulders can heal themselves, assuming no major structural damage, and that is what JJ is facing. But given he hasn't thrown off a mound in quite sometime, when he is able to, he is going to require rehab starts to build up arm strength. It is just the way it goes.

If I counted the days right, JJ will be eligible to come off the DL on July 16. But that may be optimistic. Whatever the case, he won't be pitching again until after the All-Star break for the Marlins.

Sending Ozzie Martinez down is a good thing. Ozzie needs to play everyday and that was something he wasn't getting riding the pine for the Marlins.

Along with Villanueva the Marlins will have at the ready, Jose Ceda and Jose Lopez. Since relief pitcher Ceda is on the 40-man roster he could be activated after game one of the double-header with the Marlins optioning Villanueva down. However, I doubt Lopez will see any action. For him to get playing time it will require a 40-man roster move and there is no way if the Marlins decide to DFA Villanueva he will clear waivers. Nor will anyone on the 40-man. Of course the Marlins could move Cousins to the 60-man DL, but that would be foolish to make sure the Marlins bench wasn't so short for one game. Edwin has been dealing with a short bench for most of the season, so it shouldn't be a big deal for one more game. Jose Lopez may eventually end up with the team, but how to do it needs to be thought out and not just knee jerk it together to make it easier on Edwin.