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Marlins Front Office Muzzles Logan Morrison

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The Marlins front office basically told Logan Morrison to shut his mouth.


Marlins left fielder Logan Morrison has been told to tone down his comments by president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest after Morrison's reaction last week to the firing of hitting coach John Mallee.

Morrison said he was told he can't "point fingers at the owner, stuff like that," after he said it was not "right" and not "just" that Mallee was dismissed last Wednesday.

"I was like, 'OK,' ' Morrison said about the conversation. "I don't quite fully understand that because I didn't really say it in a negative way. I[t] might have been written that way, I don't know. I was asked a question, I told the truth. But I guess I don't do that anymore."

LoMo, you can go all prima donna and show up for games right before they start the way Miguel Cabrera did and nothing will be said. Or you can start dogging plays and call the manager out for benching you, and nothing will happen. But question one of Loria's knee jerk stupid moves and that is unacceptable. For you see, Jeffery Loria is accountable to no one. Not to the players or the baseball guys in the front office and especially not to the fans.

The only person he is beholden to is Bud Selig. Give up some home games so the fans of Puerto Rico can see the Mets play, no problem. Move the Marlins to the AL, should there be an AL, Loria will get onboard if asked. That is the way it works around here.



And, by the way, Loria's reaction to your face is a facade.


Owner Jeffrey Loria also spoke to Morrison, but Morrison said Loria is cool.

"He's not really mad," Morrison said.

When challenged Loria always puts on a happy face right before he stabs you in the back. It has happened too many times before to be a coincidence.

I would really hate to see LoMo traded in the offseason, so it is best to tread lightly. But it is really a shame that a player can't truthfully say what is on his mind about a decision made by the highest ups. Then again Pope Loria is infallible, except for the fact he is only in his mind.