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Hanley Ramirez activated; Scott Cousins to the DL

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The Marlins made a couple of roster moves after last night's game.

The Marlins activated Ramirez from the disabled list after Monday's 12-9 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks and sent outfielder Scott Cousins to the DL with a lower back strain.

Scott Cousins has had trouble running in recent games, and a lower back strain is consistent with that. So what this means is that Emilio Bonifacio is now the Marlins fourth outfielder. Given the way the Marlins are treating Boni, as opposed to Cousins, he should see some time roaming the big lawn.

The big question is whether Hanley will be the Hanley of old or the Hanley before he went on the DL. Perhaps the time off has given him a chance to clear his mind, since most of his problems hitting were mainly mental, and he will be ready to being a threat with the bat consistently for the first time this season.

Look for Hanley to be the leadoff hitter come Tuesday, which really isn't a bad idea. With Hanley in the leadoff spot his career numbers are quite good: .311/.387/.538. In fact, historically, he has done his best work leading off. And let's face it, no matter what he does, it will be better than the numbers Chris Coghlan has put up recently.

Normally I don't get excited about a player coming off the DL, but in this case, any change is good.