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Burke Badenhop: Free At Last!

FishStripes can confirm, from sources much more reliable than any team official or beat writer (Twitter), that every Fish fans' favorite middle reliever, Burke Badenhop, is headed back to Miami.

Kris Braun
just got off the phone with Badenhop...he's officially free! 

After Friday night's loss to the Nats, it was reported that Clay Hensley is headed to the DL, and the Marlins will recall B-Hop from AAA New Orleans, where he has been unjustly detained for 35 days.

Who knew that pushing a reliever down the stairs was all that was necessary to ensure a successful #FreeTheHopper campaign? We could've taken care of this on the Marlins' first road trip.*


*Despite repeated questioning from the Cincinnati PD, I have a semi-solid alibi for the night of the alleged accident in the stairwell. I maintain my innocence. (And I totally would've pushed Javy.)