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Fish Wrap: Marlins 0, Dodgers 8

Sunday afternoon's series finale with the Dodgers is the kind of game Fish fans want to forget as soon as it's over. Or possibly sooner. So why am I recapping it? Well, because it's my job. If you'd like to relive the horror, read on.

Ricky Nolasco got hammered by LA's lineup while Clayton Kershaw mowed down Florida's, and the Dodgers topped the Fish, 8-0, to win the series.

Ricky gave up four runs in the third inning and another four in the fifth, and accomplished something on the mound that you never want your starting pitcher to achieve. He set a new franchise record for hits allowed by a starter, giving up 15. 

Kershaw, on the other hand, was brilliant. He gave up just two hits to the Marlins, a single to Omar infante in the fourth and a double to Logan Morrison in the seventh, which extended LoMo's on-base streak to 30 games. It was just the second shutout of Kershaw's career.

Steve Cishek took over for Ricky after the fifth, and pitched three scoreless innings, which was a big lift for the Marlins' overstretched bullpen, and one of the only positive takeaways from the game.

Hanley Ramirez added to the game's lowlights when he left in the second inning due to lower back stiffness. He's listed as day-to-day.

Can we be done now? Kthanxbye.