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Ranking MLB Owners

Jim Caple put his rankings of the MLB owners together and guess what? Jeffrey Loria didn't finish last.

Now that you have put some thought into it, he didn't finish next to last behind the Dodgers owners either.

Actually he finished pretty far from last. Okay, not all that far from last, he finished 25th.

Here is what Mr. Caple had to say:

25. Jeffrey Loria, Marlins: I remember watching Loria run a victory lap around the bases at Yankee Stadium after winning the 2003 World Series and wishing that all the Expos fans he screwed over in Montreal were right behind nipping at his heels

I would like to say I'm expert on what happened in Montreal, but I'm not. However, I do know this, somewhere along the way, whether it was Loria's doing or MLB's, the fans of that team and the players got screwed. Most of what I remember had to do with MLB running the show in the ground, on purpose.

Nonetheless, I wouldn't put too much stock in Caple's rankings, he places John Henry at the top. I definitely remember Henry's time as the Marlins owner and I do not remember it fondly.

But everyone is entitled to their list, I suppose.