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FishStripes Salutes: One Confident Fish Fan


He may not be confident of Javier Vazquez's ability to get out of another first inning without giving up six runs.

He may not be confident that the Marlins' All-Star shortstop will continue to get it together and manage to break .250 this season.

Heck, he may not even be a Marlins fan (unless the above photograph is a shot of this guy's drunken attempt to "do the Fish").

But his faith in the team notwithstanding, this fan was certainly, ahem, cocksure enough to completely disrobe and head out onto the field in the top of the fifth last Wednesday night at Sun Life Stadium to do naked cartwheels behind Hanley Ramirez.

The gutsy--and we're pretty sure inebriated---fan frolicked in the outfield for several minutes, doing gymnastics and showing off his killer dance moves, before a very awkward takedown by stadium security allowed the game to resume.

We're not sure whether to look at Naked Guy as a bad luck charm for the Marlins, or as comic relief for fans who had little else to cheer about in Florida's series opener with the Cubs. The Fish dropped that game, and the following as well, to mark their first series sweep of the season.

Regardless of how his birthday-suited antics may have affected the game, you've got to hand it to him--that is one secure man. (Though, confident or not, he really needs to work on those tan lines.)

While your level of confidence in the Marlins may not match the confidence Long-Haired Naked Fan has in his own physique, you can still weigh in each week by participating in the Gillette Fan Confidence poll. Find the poll on the upper left-hand corner of the screen and vote to let us know how much faith you're currently feeling in the Fish.

If you want to vote naked, that's entirely up to you.