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Marlins are 9th in an Unique Power Ranking

It seems that Grant Brisbee, GameFish's and my colleague, has come up with a very unique way to Power Rank the 30 Major League teams. It is based on the those who are the most annoying employed by the team.

The Marlins hit number 9 in the rankings.

Here is what he had to say about the Marlins:

9. Florida Marlins - Television announcers
Again, this is a list of things that are annoying to people outside the organization. The way the Marlins games are called might be perfect for the Marlins and their fans. Don’t know. But when something good happens in a Marlins game, and I innocently wander over to to watch the highlight, I always forget that the play is going to be called as if it’s the Kentucky Derby and the two jockeys in the lead are having a lightsaber fight down the stretch. Sometimes when I’m trying to sleep, all I can hear is "His name is Dan Uggla!" rattling around in my brain.

While I can understand that a fan of the opposing team wouldn't like how excited Rich and Tommy get when the Marlins do something great. I mean, after all, it is a zero sum game and if the Marlins are going great it means the other team is suffering. 

But in South Florida we don't like our announcers to be of the soggy milquetoast variety you get with other clubs. We love Rich and Tommy. So yes, it is perfect for us.

And if fans of other teams hate it, so what. It is after all the Marlins broadcast and we have the best two announcers in the game. At least for Marlins fans.

You should click on the link and read the entire list, there are several former Marlins on it and the whole thing is quite amusing.