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Josh Johnson to 15-day DL

The Marlins placed starter Josh Johnson on the 15-day DL due to shoulder inflammation.

While the team is down playing it, which is hopefully the case, there are some statements which raise a little bit of concern.

"(Team doctors) don't think it's too serious,' manager Edwin Rodriguez said. "I think it's just mild inflammation. Just resting those two weeks, they think he is going to be fine.'


But he (Johnson) did say the latest inflammation has bothered him "pretty much the whole year.'


Johnson said the shoulder felt worse Thursday after he threw his normal bullpen session. "I woke up the next morning and was like, 'Man, it doesn't feel great,' ' he said.

Johnson said that during his first eight starts, the discomfort would go away during his pre-game warmup "and I wouldn't feel it throughout the whole game. The last five days or so it has taken a long time to get loose.'


The fact that it has been with him all season and getting worse, not mention the pain started lasting all week long, isn't exactly inspiring. Hopefully, Edwin is correct and two-weeks of rest will cure all. Right now, the Marlins are counting on him making his scheduled start for June 1 but that could be rushing it. If there is any question, it is imperative he rest the shoulder longer than two-weeks. If he is rushed, this may end up being a recurring problem throughout the year, and who needs that.

The Marlins can piece something together while he is out of the rotation. Maybe Jay Buente will shine, who the Marlins called up to take his place, and it really behooves Mr. Buente's future career that he does. But if he doesn't the Marlins can go with a start by committee, letting him start the game off and then bringing someone like Burke Badenhop to get the team to the later innings. The Marlins have done it before.

With any luck, JJ will be fine after his stint on the DL, but don't be surprised if it takes an extra week or so.