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Clay Hensley hurt himself falling down stairs

If you were one of the many readers of FishStripes who wondered why Clay Hensley wasn't the bullpen pitcher of choice to come into Saturday's game, there was a reason. And no, it wasn't the ones Rich and Tommy gave, though their thoughts were very plausible. It turns out that Clay Hensley is not a stair master.

Joe Capozzi has the story.

Turns out that Marlins ace Josh Johnson might have fared better Saturday night if not for setup man Clay Hensley's freak accident in the team hotel on Friday.

Hensley would have been the Marlins' first relief choice Saturday but he suffered a bruised left shoulder blade after he slipped on a flight of stairs.

"I bit it hard,' he said about his slip-and-fall that prevented him from pitching Friday or Saturday.

The strange injuries keep happing, which doesn't bode well, but somehow the Marlins keep persevering through them. When you add all things up, Hanley not hitting, Donnie Murphy being a poster child for the March of Dimes which makes the third base position in a steady state of flux, Cogz's sore shoulder, LoMo's strained arch, Stanton not running anywhere near full speed and the setup man not being able to manage a flight of stairs. However, through it all, the Marlins keep winning.

Come to think about it, maybe it does bode well.