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Ryan Webb almost wins the Flying Pig Marathon

Ryan Webb, while not a participant, almost brought home the gold in the Flying Pig Marathon.


A cabdriver's poorly chosen drop-off spot forced Marlins reliever Ryan Webb to cross the finish line of the Flying Pig Marathon in downtown Cincinnati on his way to Great American Ball Park on Sunday morning.

With his suitcase in hand, Webb scaled a chain-link fence and then dodged runners. All race finishers got a medal, and Webb said one was almost placed over his head as he made his way through the area.


Now, I have no idea whether he missed the team bus or the Marlins have a policy of first year players, for the team, having to find their own way to the stadium.

I do know this: rookies are on their own. But it seems unlikely that someone who has pitched in the majors for the better part of two years would have to find his own ride to the stadium. Wear a stupid costume later, maybe. But scale a chain-link fence in order to get into the stadium while being offered a metal for running a marathon, which he didn't complete, seems more like he missed the bus. But hey, it's the Marlins. So anything is possible.

Aside: I have never been to Cincinnati, but I'm starting to love it.