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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Mets (5/17) - Postponed

Tonight's game has been called due to rain.

The Marlins will move the rotation back a day with Ricky Nolasco starting the first game of the Cubs series, followed by Chris Volstad.

The tentative makeup date is July 18 at 7:10 p.m.

Which means the Marlins, after the All-Star break, will play 11 games in-a-row  before their next off-day. Shouldn't be any big deal, assuming the wheels didn't fall of the wagon somewhere along the way.

News on JJ from Joe Capozzi:

Johnson said earlier today that the arm felt better and that X rays last night were negative. JJ expects to make his next start.

And he is not worried about the drop in his velocity, which topped out at 93 last night after toppign out at 97 in his previous start. That drop, he said, is due to him not getting his usual pre-game warm-up routine, because of rainy conditions last night.

So what will we do for the night?


You could get adventuresome and go out to greet the Marlins at the airport, they are scheduled to takeoff from N.Y. at 6:30 p.m. But that would be a major league hassle and you probably would miss them anyway.

So a better choice would be to spend your time voting for Gaby Sanchez to be the starting 1st baseman in the All-Star game.

Chances of Gaby winning the position is somewhere between nonexistent and none. However, if he does make a good showing in the voting, it might persuade those who make the decisions to select him for the game.

So vote for Gaby, and any other Marlin you wish:

Vote Gaby Sanchez for All-Star Game

You can vote 25 times if you allow their cookie to stay on your computer. If you deny the cookie, you can vote forever. So I'm told. But you didn't hear that from me.

Whatever you decide to do, Have a Great Night!

The open thread is active, so feel free to talk about anything that crosses your mind. And who knows, maybe someone will join in.