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Marlins patient with Mike Stanton

The Marlins are going to continue to be patient with Mike Stanton at the plate. While batting only .232 and leading the team in strikeouts he has hit 5 home runs. I'm not really impressed by the home runs, yeah, when he hits one it goes a long way, but all or nothing really doesn't impress me. Especially when the nothing is much more prevalent than the all. 

But Stanton is very young and patience is called for because the raw talented young man might turn into something special. I'm not really concerned about his hitting, all that much. He has been in the league long enough for every pitching coach to watch extensive video of him in order to find the holes in his swing. And apparently they have found them. It happens to every hitter -- if there is a flaw, they will find it.

"We were expecting that, and we we're willing to take that chance,' manager Edwin Rodriguez said of Stanton's struggles. "As long as he goes out there and keeps battling. Now, when it starts affecting his mental approach and his confidence, that's when we're going have to be careful.'


"(Pitchers) have made adjustments to him and he's learning to adjust back,' hitting coach John Mallee said. "Right now, his timing is off. He gets frustrated.'

What I'm concerned about is his play in the field. Stanton is doing a vey poor job of fielding his position. It is one thing for him having to make adjustments to certain pitches, I get that. The pitchers are trying to make him miss. However it is another thing to miss fly balls, they aren't.

I understand that when one is a raw offensive talent they don't work that much on defense in the minors, but he isn't there anymore. And making the starters having to get extra outs in an inning really isn't helping the cause. I don't blame Stanton, you are what you are at that moment in time. And I have no idea what the coaches are doing to work with him. But if Joey Espada isn't working with him on his fielding most everyday, then perhaps he should.

I think Stanton would like to field his position neatly and would be willing to work at it. And perhaps in time be good at it. But where we stand right now, he is not hitting and he is not fielding. I believe he can be good at both, but he needs some help. Whatever the case, this can't keep going on.