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Hanley Ramirez batting third, for now

Hanley Ramirez is going to remain batting third for now. And actually for a long time.

Here is Edwin Rodriguez had to say 

"Boni has been swinging the bat very well. I feel very comfortable with either one (Boni or Coghlan) in one or two. Change things around a little bit.

"And maybe before you guys ask about Hanley, he will stay there in the third hole until we get another option. There are not too many options."


Here are Joe Capozzi's thought about it.

There might be an option on Friday. That’s when Logan Morrison is expected to come off the disabled list and return to the Marlins.

It is still too early yet to know whether LoMo is going to be ready by Friday. He will be reevaluated today, to see how his foot is feeling. While he wasn't great, batting-wise in his first rehab start, that doesn't matter. What matters is he was facing live pitching, rotating on his foot and running around. Which indeed is a positive. But it still needs to be determined, whether his foot is good enough to go everyday. When he returns, more than likely it will move Bonifacio back to the bench. That is unless Edwin decides to play Boni at third which hopefully he won't do. While Emilio may have some very fine qualities, playing third isn't one of them.

If Bonifacio goes back to the bench, LoMo could slide into the number two slot and not the number three. Which is okay since Hanley has a new strategy for getting hits.


Slumping SS Hanley Ramirez will try just about anything at this point—even left-over bats from 2009, the year he won the NL batting title.

Ramirez, who took a .195 batting into Monday, brought the bats—used when he finished with a .342 batting average—from home to Sun Life Stadium on Sunday and Monday in hopes of using any leftover magic. Ramirez said he always keeps leftover bats after every season.

He went 2-for-4 Monday, raising his average to .205.

Got to give Hanley this: he is truly a baseball player. When in doubt, go with superstition. It is a tried and true principle of the game. Not that it really works, but everyone does it. And you know, if you think it will help you, then it just might. Sometimes.