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Logan Morrison on SI's Hot Clicks

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Logan Morrison made an appearance on SI's Hot Clicks and you can hear it hear:

The Hot Clicks Podcast

Now, I have no idea at what time the interview took place, but it did sound like they woke LoMo up from a deep sleep.

Here is their description of the topics covered:

Florida Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison is currently on the DL with a sprained arch in his foot. He was in the cast above for a week -- which he has now put on eBay for charity. If you follow Morrison on Twitter, this wouldn't surprise you one bit because it doesn't take long to see he's a fun guy with no filter. That also makes him the perfect podcast guest. Most of the show is about his Twitter prowess. We discussed how he befriended a Phillies fan on Twitter, whether he'd date someone he met on Twitter and whether he was serious when he recently Tweeted about suffering a manscaping injury. Download it on iTunes or listen to it below. 

Probably the most interesting topic to me was whether there will be a rule limiting tweets by those in the game. I agree with LoMo that there shouldn't be and there won't be as long as the participants on the field don't rail on the front office, MLB, umpires or the fans. But that said, Ozzie Guillen keeps discussing the calls by the umps, big surprise. And should MLB decide to restrict tweets, it will be a one size fits all, even though it is only one person doing it.

We will see how this goes.

The Podcast is about 20 minutes, but it is well worth your time.