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Omar Infante Day-To-Day

In last night's game Omar Infante took a swing that sadly, I know all too well


Infante grabbed his upper right leg after fouling off a pitch from Reds starter Edinson Volquez with one out in the fifth. Infante was evaluated by trainers near home plate but continued his at-bat.

Infante grounded out to third but ran only halfway up the first-base line, then gingerly walked back to the dugout.

Actually, he grabbed the upper half of his back right leg. When the hamstring is not cooperating, there is no reason to try and bust out of the box and run. It can't be done. Infante did the right thing by not trying to. Why he was allowed to complete his AB is still a mystery to me.



Oh, sure, if he had been replaced the chosen hitter would have been cold off the bench and having to face a crappy hitter's count. But big deal. The results couldn't have been any worse.

If the diagnosis is accurate, he should be good to go soon.

"At first I thought it was a pulled muscle," said Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez. "But then they said it was a cramp. It flared up during his at-bat."

I've pulled hamstrings and torn hamstrings, but never have heard of a hamstring cramp. Maybe that is all it is, but I will be surprised if Omar is in the starting lineup for today's game. The Marlins do have some people who can play second and anyways, Ozzie is batting .333.