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Buck, Cousins honor loved ones

John Buck and Scott Cousins honor loved with their jersey numbers.

David Villavicenio pens the story.

Several Marlins have a connection to a certain number because of superstition or a childhood hero. But John Buck and Scott Cousins choose to honor their family every time they wear their jersey.

I was going to blockquote the more of the story, but then I came to my senses. It is well written and you should really read the whole thing.

I knew the story about Buck's number and when asked, Gaby offered to just give to him number 14 for free. Gaby getting number 15, his favorite, called for the Marlins to make an exception. The reason he couldn't get when he was first called up is that number belonged to Jack McKeon and Jack has been known to suit-up and sit in the dugout on rare occasions. But with Gaby proving that he is in the majors to stay, the front office made the exception and the number is now Gaby's.

The Scott Cousins story is new to me.

Give it a look see.