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Ozzie Martinez grooms for second base

Ozzie Martinez is starting his transition to second base.

 ...because young All-Star Hanley Ramirez is the Marlins’ shortstop, Martinez will play a game or two each week at second base to enhance his value as a possible major-leaguer, Norton said. "Gotay and Thurston, they’ll be able to help him out with his footwork around the bag,’’ Norton said.

Ozzie is probably the Marlins second baseman of the future. Omar Infante is a free agent at the end of season and while he is only making $2.5 million this year, the price tag will go up in the future. Martinez on the other hand will be under club control for six years, when the Fish decide to put him on the roster.

In his brief time up the big club last year, Ozzie hit .326/.383/.465. While no one expects that he can do that for an entire season, he did hit .302/.372/.401 in Double-A in 2010. In other words, Ozzie did show he is not over matched by most big league pitchers. Being a pretty decent infielder and with short stop blocked, the way to the majors is through second base for Martinez.

I doubt Coghlan will ever see much time in the infield*, the Marlins have him tabbed as an outfielder and so far the results aren't bad. And it will get even better once his shoulder is fully recovered and he can throw at full strength. I suspect a outfield consisting of Logan Morrison, Chris Coghlan and Mike Stanton is what the front office envisions for a long time to come.

If that is the case, Ozzie is the natural choice to take over at second. And he is getting ready.

*quick side note: Coghlan didn't prove to be a a very good infielder in the minors. He was just kinda, sorta okay.