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Coghlan, Morrison and Cousins grew up together

They Marlins have played four games and as of yet, the outfielders haven't ran into each other. Which seems strange given at one is learning a new position and their proclivity for doing so last season. Probably the reason for them working so well together is that Chris Coghlan, Logan Morrison and Scott Cousins grew up together, at least as far as baseball goes.

In 2007 Chris Coghlan, Logan Morrison, and Scott Cousins were playing low A ball with the Greensboro Grasshoppers. Both Coghlan and Cousins were 22 years old while Morrison was at the ripe age of 19.

Morrison, who was then the starting first baseman, lead the ‘07 Hoppers with 24 HR’s while Coghlan and Cousins combined for 28 HR’s. The three combined for a total of 224 RBI’s, including a team leading 86 RBI’s from Morrison. Cousins was awarded the ’07 MiLB single game performance award for a 3 HR 9 RBI hitting display against in-state rival Hickory on Aug. 22, 2007.

After 2007 Coghlan, Morrison, and Cousins went on to play together with the Jupiter Hammerheads, Carolina Mudcats, and New Orleans Zephyrs while progressing through the minor league ranks.

It's not surprising they would be teammates somewhere along the way in the Marlins minor league organization. But apparently they have been teammates all along the way. No wonder everything is so chummy in the outfield, they know each other inside out and have the same shared experiences.

Eventually, Mike Stanton will return, hopefully by Friday, and then those of you who are in it will have a shot at your date being right in the "first outfield collision pool". But as for a Cogz and LoMo collision, I'm starting to think that won't happen. The boys just know each other too well.

Hey, LoMo, Cogz, don't feel the need to prove me wrong.