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How Confident Are You In the Florida Marlins?

I suppose that the day after a loss as sorry as the Marlins/Mets series finale may be the wrong time to ask you how "confident" you're feeling in the Florida Marlins. But we're gluttons for punishment at FishStripes, so here we go.

Now, before you prepare a rant in the comment section regarding how ridiculous it is for our confidence to have taken a hit from three measly games, relax for a second. Of course three days into a 162-game season is not the time to start panicking. (But if you've spent any fair amount of time around the certain South Florida sports fans, you'll know that one series loss is usually all that's necessary to get some folks scrambling for that big red panic button, or demanding a trade of the entire roster, or both. I'm looking in the general direction of about 83% of 790 The Ticket's call-in commenters.)  

The latest FishStripes fan confidence poll will close on April 6th, and we're curious to see whether or not the first three games of the 2011 Marlins season have had an effect on that squiggly teal line that represents how fans are feeling about the Fish. Now that we've actually seen the team in regular-season action, has your confidence been boosted, or has it taken a nosedive? Has Matt Dominguez's, Mike Stanton's, Edward Mujica's or Donnie Murphy's injury changed anything in your mind at this point? Did watching our number three starter struggle to get through two innings raise any concern, or just your blood pressure? 

After the jump, go ahead and give us your two cents by casting your "vote of confidence" in the Fish. (Sadly, your cents have precisely zero bearing on the Marlins season. But charts are fun and stuff.)