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Edward Mujica newest injured

When Edward Mujica was backing up home plate, at the time Emilio Bonifiaco decided to the throw the ball to no one in particular, Mujica hurt himself while picking up the slow roller.

For the third straight game, a Marlins player was removed due to an injury. In Sunday's 9-2 loss to the Mets, reliever Edward Mujica tweaked the back of his left knee while backing up an errant throw in the third inning.

The Marlins are hopeful that after Monday's off-day, Mujica will be available on Tuesday against the Nationals.

"I'll see tomorrow how I feel," the right-hander said. "I don't want to force it. We just started the season. It's been three games."

Mujica's cleat caught in the turf after he retrieved Emilio Bonifacio's errant throw to the plate.


Depending on who you read, he either tweaked the back of his knee or pulled a hamstring. At this point I'm going with the tweaked the back of the knee, whatever that means. Because if he pulled a hamstring, no one would be talking about him returning, in working order, by Tuesday.

Don't know if Mujica is injury prone but simple footwork of day-to-day life seems to be a problem for him. If you will remember, he is the one who slipped while simply walking and hurt his elbow and his head.

If Mujica doesn't have a nickname already, we are nominating "Klutz".