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SNY none too happy

A little late to the game with this. But when the Marlins won the first game of the Mets series a very creative employee of SNY decided to run a 9 second clip from the Family Guy over, what I assume was, the Mets broadcaster recapping the game. Not being in NY I don't know who is who in their broadcasting of games.

When you take the whole situation into account on opening day, it is hilarious. Though seeing how the Marlins lost the series, I'm not sure we have room to laugh. Nonetheless, it is still funny.

SNY Not Laughing Over Family Guy Clip

Click on the You Tube link at the website and watch.

In the article a representative of SNY says: "...the matter is being dealt with internally." Which in laymen's terms probably means the guy got fired. If he did, we went with a bang. Whether or not he is looking for employment, which I'm sure matters to him, he will always have a great bar story to tell. "Did I tell you about the time..."