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Chris Coghlan: No Structural Damage

Chris Coghlan underwent an MRI before last night's game and it came back clean.

Prior to joining the team in Cincinnati, Coghlan underwent a MRI, which showed no structural damage.

As any weekend warrior can tell you, when you haven't used some muscles and tendons in quite awhile and then put them under a heavy load - they hurt. Kinda like all you have done is sit on the couch all winter long and are just sure you can throw the ball in the air to home in your neighborhood softball game. The next day you are sending the sales of IcyHot skyrocketing.

Same for Cogz. He couldn't throw while rehabbing his knee and now his shoulder is screaming: "What the Heck is THIS?" So Mr. Coghlan is going to get the thrill of doing strength conditioning work on his shoulder, which will make it better, eventually. That is, after adding more pain. But no one said getting into shape was fun or easy. And it won't be. However, he will be fine and he will get the added bonus of learning his pain threshold. I cringed when I wrote that last sentence: Good Luck Cogz!