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Chris Coghlan's shoulder injury doesn't sound good

As you know Chris Coghlan was removed from Wednesday's game due to his on-going shoulder injury. And I'm not liking what I am hearing from the team.

"They said when I was in spring training it was something that could [last] six to eight weeks, but that’s if you do rehab, don’t do anything,’’ said Coghlan, who after missing half the spring has started in all 23 games for the Marlins this season.

"But I’m going out there. You dive on it, you swing, you throw when you’ve got to throw. ... I just try to do what I can do to be out there by 7 o’clock and try to be in as many games as I can.’’



Still, Coghlan’s shoulder remains a concern. If Coghlan can’t go Friday, Scott Cousins or Emilio Bonifacio would likely replace him in center. But that’s something Rodriguez would rather not do.

"He keeps playing through [the pain],’’ Rodriguez said. "... Hopefully, [Friday] he’ll be fine."

Playing through the pain is not the way to go with a shoulder injury. If you keep playing through shoulder pain, eventually, you won't be playing at all. Shoulders can get better on their own, but it requires rest and a careful rehab. I would rather Scott Cousins be the everyday center fielder for May, than have Cogz trying to push through it. The reason being, if  he does, he may end up on Dr. Andrew's team. And once you join Dr. Andrew's team, you are there for the season.