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Logan Morrison to remain on the DL for awhile

Logan Morrison isn't expected to return from the DL for several weeks. Which isn't a surprise.

From Clark Spencer.


Morrison was likely guilty of being overly optimistic when he told reporters after his cast was removed Monday that he would probably be ready to play on May 5, the earliest he can come off the 15-day disabled list.

Now it’s looking like it will be longer than that before he returns.

"That’s what they’re saying," Morrison said. "It depends on how I feel and everything."

It could be another couple of weeks before Morrison gets back on the field.

Morrison said he continues to feel some soreness in the foot.


Strained tendons and ligaments typically don't heal quickly. And LoMo's left foot is turning out to be no different.

As long as he is feeling soreness in his foot, he isn't going to be able to play. Should this continue on for several weeks, and if Chris Coghlan's remains with a bum shoulder, the Marlins are going to have to make some rosters moves. While I enjoy the fact that Ozzie is up with the club, the Marlins will have to send him down and bring up an outfielder. Probably Bryan Petersen. We are not to that point just yet, the Marlins are still collecting data on the two. However, if Cogz and LoMo are out of the lineup for an extended amount of time, it will have to be done.