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Josh Johnson needs a nickname?

Apparently Real Clear Sports thinks that Josh Johnson needs a new nickname, though I can't understand why.

Annie Savoy, the greatest baseball annie of them all, was introduced to Ebby Calvin LaLoosh and immediately told him, "Honey, you need a nickname."

I’ve been thinking the same thing about Josh Johnson.

The Florida right-hander led the National League in ERA last year – you knew that, right? – and in his first five starts of 2011 is 3-0 with a 1.00 ERA. And that’s not his most impressive statistic.  

Johnson has allowed 13 hits in 34 innings – a microscopic rate of 3.4 hits per 9 innings. In three of his five starts he’s taken a no-hitter into the sixth inning. He hasn’t given up a hit in his first time through the batting order in any start this season.



While this article was posted today, the writer hasn't checkout the latest stats.

Johnson's ERA has ballooned to a 1.06 after his last start. Personally, I don't think that Josh needs a "Bull Durham" like nickname. JJ seems good enough to me.

It is a decent article, at least to the point of where he says something about blowing horns. At which point my mind relived the vuvuzela night and there, he lost all credibility with me.