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Donnie Murphy evaluating his swing: via video

Donnie Murphy is off to a disappointing to start at the plate, to say the least. But working with the Marlins hitting instructor he thinks he has found part of the problem.

Clark Spencer has the story.

The plan coming out of spring training was for Donnie Murphy to receive most of the playing time at third base.


With an anemic .105 batting average that ranks lowest in the majors among players with at least 30 at-bats, Murphy is spending more time on the bench these days


After reviewing videotapes of his at-bats with hitting coach John Mallee on Tuesday, Murphy thinks he might have discovered the problem. His swing is much different than it was last season.


"You can see I’m standing straighter up," he said. "And, for some reason, I developed a leg kick, which I didn’t have before. When I saw it on video, I was, like, ‘Wow, where did that come from?’ ’’

Donnie Murphy can hit, but with all of his injuries thus far this season, he hasn't shown it. But there is reason to believe he will.

While Murphy's major league stats aren't the greatest, however, one must take into account most of the plate appearances have been in the role of a pinch-hitter or a spot starter. And it is hard to put up impressive numbers off the bench. That said, the same isn't true when he gets consistent playing time. In four season at Triple-A, where he was a starter, his career slash stats at that level are: .290/.347/.539.

But for now, he needs to get his stroke back and that is probably best done in the cage. And if he can find it again, and there is no reason to think he won't, he can be very serviceable at third.

And oh by the way, he is good with the glove.