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Logan Morrison gets Cast Removed

Logan Morrison follow-up with the doctor resulted with the doc removing his cast and letting him to start doing light activities. LoMo is thinking he will be able to return very soon.

Clark Spencer via twitter.

Logan Morrison optimistic he can come off DL when 15 days are up on May 5. Foot checked out pain-free when cast came off today.

We will how that goes. The way I understand it is that he can do anything as long as it doesn't cause him pain. If he starts hurting, he has to shut it down. Today he rode a stationary bike with it being pain-free, so that's a good start. But the real test will come when he starts trying to hit and has to rotate his foot.

In the meantime, he will be wearing a walking boot, when he is away from the clubhouse, to reduce the chances of re-injuring his left foot.

LoMo plans to put his pinstriped cast up for bids on Ebay.

Logan Morrison was carrying around his cast _ actually having teammates sign so it can be auctioned on E-Bay with the proceeds going to the American Lung Association

So be sure to be looking for that in the near future.