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Scott Cousins is making news

Scott Cousins is starting to gain some well deserved attention from those who give fantasy baseball advice and beyond.

ESPN contributor Eric Karabell has this to say about Cousins to start-off his article on fantasy baseball players. (I hope this article isn't behind the pay wall.)

I've been paying attention to the exploits of Florida Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins since late-2009, when the former third-round pick in 2006 started putting up interesting numbers at Double-A Jacksonville.

Knowing how odd it appeared to force former infielder Chris Coghlan into the center-field slot this season -- the jury remains out, frankly -- I mentioned Cousins as a deep-league sleeper. He has a nice combination of power and speed and can handle center field, but now that left fielder Logan Morrison is likely to hit the disabled list and miss up to a month with sprained ligaments in his left foot, Cousins becomes a lot more interesting.

I don't agree with his assessment of center field or the "problems" at third ( you will have to click on the link to read about that). However, you may. 

First off, Chris Coghlan will be the center fielder until he positively proves he can't handle the job beyond any doubt. But I don't feel that will ever happen. Cogz is learning to break on the ball off the bat and is showing he is a pretty good study of the skill. The idea he isn't fast enough to play the expansive outfield in JRS is just wrong. Cody Ross wasn't all that fast but he did possess good instincts and it appears Coghlan has the capabilities to acquire the same.

That said, Cousins is deserving of more playing time. Take last night's game or the night before that or the one before that. Mike Stanton can't run at full-speed. Probably due to all the recent injuries, quad strain, hamstring strain and no one wants him to get hurt again. And I know every fan wants to get Stanton dialed in at the plate, but balls are dropping in and he is clogging up the bases. This will of course change over time, but in the meantime, why not give Cousins a little more playing time than just being a defensive replacement in right field in the ninth? You know, he may surprise.

He surprised his Dad.

This is a must read:

60 Seconds with Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins