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BPro's "Tater Trot Tracker"

Over at Baseball Prospectus they are doing a new feature this season where they measure the time it takes to round the bases after knocking the ball out of the park. Why? You might ask. I have no idea. But it is fun to watch home runs and while doing so, nothing wrong with breaking out the stopwatch just to see who is the fastest vs. who is the slowest.

Well on April 21, a Marlin made the list.

Quickest TrotMike StantonFlorida Marlins - 19.33 seconds [video]
Mike Stanton's teammate Scott Cousins may have had the home run of the game - a grand slam for Cousins' first career home run - but Stanton's blast wasn't too bad itself. Stanton joined David Wright and Kelly Johnson as the only three sub-twenty second trots of the day.

While Stanton's jog around the bases was a very quick time and was a fully worthy way to celebrate his first home run of the season, which got out of the park in a hurry since it was a line drive that I don't think ever got above 20 feet. Still, I think the time falls way short of Matt Treanor's team record for a trip around the bases.

Now, did I go back and measure the time it took for Treanor to sprint around the bases? Well, no. That would've taken time and made this article more through.Though perhaps I will one day, but as for now, I'm still sitting in shock that I have been writing on this blog for six years. GameFish may have to put me on suicide watch.