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Logan Morrison to 15-Day DL; Ozzie Martinez Called Up

To no one's surprise, the Marlins placed Logan Morrison on the 15-day DL, after last night's game. To take his spot of the 25-man roster the club called up Ozzie Martinez from Triple-A New Orleans.

Ozzie isn't exactly off to a hot start with the bat. In NOLA in 58 AB he has posted the following slash stats: .190/.217/.259. This really isn't much of a concern, it is his first season in New Orleans and he is probably still adjusting to the location and the new league. Ozzie has hit at every level in the Minors and he will in Triple-A when he returns. But for now he will be in the Majors where he has had some success. Last season with the Marlins in 48 PA Ozzie hit .326/.383/.465.

Ozzie will be the primary backup infielder. He has displayed a very slick glove and is able to play short stop, second and third. Emilio Bonifacio and Scott Cousins will handle left field in Morrison's absence.