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Logan Morrison out for 2-4 weeks

Logan Morrison had a MRI yesterday and the results show he has sprained tendons and a muscle strain in his left foot.

From Josh Friedman via twiiter.

LoMoMarlins has a Lisfranc sprain and a muscle strain in his left foot(in a cast until Monday). Out 2-4 weeks but no word on DL yet

Not good.

2-4 weeks is probably on the generous side, it could take longer. But Morrison may be one of those body types that heals fairly quickly and maybe the diagnosis is spot-on. The cast will come off on Monday at which point he will be reevaluated.

I don't see anyway where this doesn't land him on the DL. If that should happen expect the Marlins to call-up Bryan Petersen, or at least, that is my bet. Of course, they could choose instead to give Ozzie Martinez the call, but an outfielder would make the most sense. Either way, it will have to be someone on the 40-man roster.

Not good at all.