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Logan Morrison suffers Arch Strain

Logan Morrison left last night's game with an arch strain in his left foot and ended up going home in a protective boot.

Joe Capozzi has the quotes.

Edwin chimes in with the evaluation the training staff gave to him.

Manager Edwin Rodriguez said it’s not serious and that there’s a chance Morrison will play Wednesday.

Or at least, I think he is relaying the information provided to him by the trainers. That is normally what happens.

And that is good and all, but LoMo's description of the event is a cause of some concern.

"In my first at-bat (second-inning ground out), I put the ball in play to short," Morrison said. "When I went to push off I felt a pop in my foot and I tried to play through it. My first swing it hurt and my first step it hurt. And swinging it hurt."

It is never good when a player hears muscles or tendons "pop". Normally when that happens, the to a player, it is more than a strain. Hopefully, it is what everyone thinks it is. But if it is not, LoMo needs to be watched. He is one of those competitors that will say anything in order to play. In some ways you gotta love that and in others, you really wish they would tell the truth. But if it is really hurt, there is no way for him to hide it.