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Donnie Murphy very close to returning to third

Donnie Murphy is soon to the available to return to full-time duties at third base. So far this season Donnie Murphy hasn't been able to buy a break. Uh, let me restate that, he hasn't been able to buy being injury free.

But he is close to returning from his latest injury.

Clark Spencer has the details.


Third baseman Donnie Murphy, who fouled a pitch off his left knee in Friday's win at Philadelphia, said Tuesday he's feeling better and could be back in the lineup as early as Wednesday.

"I felt better hitting in the cage at least, so I'm going to do everything I normally do during [batting practice Tuesday]. Hopefully it goes well," Murphy said. "My situation is a lot better than it was a couple days ago. Hopefully it stays that way and running around doesn't cause swelling."


Now, before you start breaking out his OBP during his major league career, one needs to know that most of that was in spot starts, or in pinch-hitting duties. Murphy can actually hit, if given consistent playing time. He has proven it in the minors, and no he is not a Quad-A player. Is he the future of the Marlins at third base? Heck no. But he can be a pretty decent stopgap in the meantime.

He is the best defensive third baseman the Marlins have on the team, at the moment. And if he can get some rhythm at the plate, he will do a satisfactory job when all is considered.

The Marlins are a better team, when he is available.