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Marlins extend contract with 790 The Ticket

The Marlins and 790 The Ticket have signed a multi-year extension meaning that 790 The Ticket will be the Marlins English language radio flagship for years to come.


The Florida Marlins today announced a multi-year contract extension with 790 The Ticket as their official English flagship radio station. The partnership extension was announced by Senior VP of Communications and Broadcasting, P.J. Loyello.

"The Marlins are extremely pleased to be extending our partnership with South Florida's leader in sports talk radio," said Loyello. "790 The Ticket and Lincoln Financial have taken Marlins radio coverage to whole new level, allowing fans to follow our Club year-round with innovative programming. We are our proud to be opening our new ballpark next season with 790 as our flagship station."

That's great. I like 790 The Ticket and they do a pretty decent job of covering the Marlins. Shoot, they even have an iPhone app so you can listen in from anywhere on your phone. That is assuming you have an iPhone. The app is a little tricky to turnoff but keep pressing on the screen, you will finally figure it out.

That's all well and good, but it is not the best part of the press release. The best part is:



In addition to the live game coverage, the station will feature weekly segments as part of the main daily shows including: a Marlins President's Show on the Dan Leeboard Show, a Manager's Show and a Marlins Front Office Show on the Jorge Sedan Show, as well as a Broadcasters' Show on the Sports Brothers Show.

Now, we don't know who wrote the press release. Probably the Marlins. But whoever did doesn't spend a lot of time listening to 790 The Ticket when David Samson is being interviewed. And it is tough to blame them for not doing so. However, whomever wrote the release should get a bonus for spelling LeBatard "Leeboard". And going forward, he should always be referred to as "Dan Leeboard".

When something like this happens, it needs to stick.