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Best and Worse Promotions and Giveaways MLB 2011

DJ Gallo has put together a list of the best and worst promotions and giveaways on the 2011 MLB calendar.

None of the Marlins promotions made either list, but here are a couple that did from the worst list.

Roy Halladay Cy Young Award Baseball & Collectible Tin (Phillies, April 2)
Maybe sometimes Philadelphia fans get a bad rap. But let's not tempt fate. It's completely irresponsible to just hand them all a projectile and a piece of metal.

Folks, that's tonight. So be sure to check out Baseball Tonight later in the evening, and watch it rain baseballs at Citizens Bank Park.

Oh, by the way, the Phillies fans don't get a bad rap. They deserve every bad word that is said about them and more.

This is also on the worst list, but I think the Marlins should copy it.

Tweeting Tuesdays (Blue Jays, April 5)
Every Tuesday home game during the season the Blue Jays have scheduled Tweeting Tuesdays in which "fans and @bluejays followers will have the opportunity to interact and communicate with the Blue Jays and other Blue Jays fans while watching the game."

Interacting and communicating with the Blue Jays during games sounds like an ambitious and creative idea. And also a terrible idea. Does this mean fans can really contact the players during a game? I can't even imagine what players might get tweeted at them after a strikeout if Tweeting Tuesdays existed in New York or Philadelphia. Maybe the Blue Jays just think Canadians are too polite. Let's hope they're right.

"@JoseBautista Good try on those three swings. You did your best and I will continue to support you!"

"@EdwinEncarnacion Bummer on that E5! I WISH my arm was strong enough to throw it 6 rows into the stands! Would be neat if you reached me in the upper deck!"

This would work for the Marlins. While I'm not sure you could get @14Buckshot, @HanleyRamirez, @dmurphyirish22, @MikeStanton27, @brett_hayes or @GabySanchez to tweet during the game. However, I guarantee you that @LoMoMarlins would. Heck, he would probably take his phone out to left field with him and tweet between pitches.

Now, this promotion may end up being a complete train wreck. Nonetheless it would make for one interesting night that no one would soon forget.

Click on the link to the story. It is an interesting read.