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Marlins Middle of the Pack in Power Rankings

Personally, Power Rankings don't interest me much. Oh sure, they can be fun to read and a decent source of bar discussions. But for the most part, they are just one person's opinion based on next to nothing.

However, every now and then, you see one that hits home and that is the case with Tim Brown's Power Rankings at Yahoo! Sports. This ranking came out before the Marlins won the series in Atlanta and the first game in Philadelphia, but nonetheless.

Here is what he had to say about the Marlins:

Florida17. Florida Marlins (6-5; Previous: 16) – Marlins celebrate year anniversary of vuvuzela give-away by squinting at each other and shouting, "What? What?"

Actually, the year anniversary of the vuvuzela give-away will be June 19. I know, I was there. And had I known then what I know now, GameFish and I would've not been there. Staying at the Homestead police station would've been the far superior choice. The weird thing is the Marlins were playing the Rays and I had totally forgotten who the opponent was for the game. The way I saw it, the opponent was that jerk who kept blowing that thing directly in our ears when I tried to talk to GameFish.

The weird thing about it, is when anyone brings up vuvuzela night, I get a weird smile on my face. I guess it is kinda of a physical response meaning: "Woo Hoo! They left the door open and I get to rant for a couple of hours."

Who knows.