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Dan Uggla visits with the Marlins

When the Marlins made it to Atlanta waiting for them was an old friend, Dan Uggla.

When the Marlins arrived in Atlanta Sunday night, Uggla went to dinner with Ricky Nolasco, Clay Hensley and Mike Stanton. The veteran second baseman also spent some time with his former teammates as both teams enjoyed a scheduled day off Monday.

Hopefully, Mr. Five Year contract picked up the check. But knowing Danny, just a little bit, I'm guessing he did.

Though not reported in the story above, one of the Marlins players Danny spent time with was Logan Morrison. LoMo made a record of it with the following tweet.


Logan Morrison
 Reunited and it feel so good!
On the following day he received this tweet and sent his reply.

Logan Morrison
Ur not smart!RT @@ Does Uggla even know who you are?


Now, I'm not sure we should assign LoMo to the diplomatic corps anytime soon, but I will give him this: he is one funny guy.