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Edward Mujica fined for plunking Bill Hall

In case you didn't see the game last night or have read about it elsewhere, Edward Mujica was fined for plunking Bill Hall in the finale with the Astros.

Marlins pitcher Edward Mujica received an undisclosed fine for intentionally hitting Bill Hall of the Astros in the bottom of the seventh inning...

The Astros didn't get off so lucky when they hit Gaby Sanchez.

Houston Astros pitcher Aneury Rodriguez received a three-game suspension Tuesday for his role in the beanball war last week with the Florida Marlins, MLB announced.


Astros manager Brad Mills received a one-game suspension and an undisclosed fine for Rodriguez's intentional actions following the warning. He will immediately serve his suspension.

Not sure I would characterize it as a "beanball" war. It was more like a bruising of the butts contest. The reason the Astos participants penalty was more server is it happened after the warnings were issued.

Unfortunately, Mujica will probably have to suck up the whole fine himself. On some clubs they will take up a collection or the player "protected" will pay the fine out of comradery, but the Marlins haven't done that in the past. Now, they may do it this time, but if history is any indicator, they won't.