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Ichthyomancy Is Back, Baby! (Uh, so what exactly IS ichthyomancy?)

If we were ambitious enough to take the time to scour every comment ever posted on FishStripes (we aren't), I'm positive that the number one question asked on the site would be: "What the &@%* is Ichthyomancy?!" Or at least some form of that question. If you've been lurking around the site for long, and just can't seem to muster up the courage to admit you have no bleeping clue what we're talking about when we refer to ichthyomancy, this post is here to clear things up. 

Ichthyomancy, according to the site dictionary, is "divination by the heads or the entrails of fishes." Which, lets face it, doesn't leave you a whole lot more clued in than you were before we busted out the Merriam Webster. To break it down further, ichthyomancy is a bloody, gutsy, fishy ritual by which you gain insight into the future. In laymen's terms, it's the FUNNEST sports prediction game of all time! (We realize "funnest" isn't really a word, but if it were, it would fit here.)

Now, if you're not so much into divination, witchcraft and the like, or you simply prefer to leave entrails to fishmongers, fear not. Ichthyomancy is not typically played the creepy way by 99.999% of FishStripers. (Though with as many times as LadyFish has won, we're sort of starting to wonder about her...)

Ichthy is simply a fun contest in which FishStripers make predictions about upcoming games, in hopes of becoming the Ichthyomancy World Champion, and winning a pretty sweet prize.

Here's how it works:

Before each game, make three predictions: attendance, player of the game, and an AAB (above and beyond) pick.

1. Attendance - Pretty simple. Predict the number of fans who will be in attendance at the game. Obviously, you'll want to aim a little low for weeknight home games, and higher when the Yankees or Red Sox are in town for interleague play. Only one attendance point will be awarded per night, obviously to the person who comes closest to the exact attendance number.

2. Player of the game - Pick one player who you believe will contribute the most to the game. Since this is a Marlins site, only Marlins players will be earning a point. We'll award points for a maximum of three players per game, and no points will be awarded in the event of a blowout loss.

3. Above and beyond pick -  Here's where ichthy gets fun! Your final pick will predict something else that will happen during the game. Do you think Stanton will hit three home runs before the seventh inning? Think JJ will pitch a complete game shutout? Make that pick.  And if it happens, you'll look like a psychic to your fellow FishStripers, and you'll also get some points out of the deal. The more detailed and imaginative you get with your AAB pick, the more points you will be awarded if it actually happens. Then again, the more detailed you get, the less likely it is to happen. (But don't get cute. If you pick "JJ 4+ IP" or "Hanley 2+ AB" that is clearly NOT above and beyond. You won't be awarded points for something that is very obviously going to happen during the game.) 

Finally, just be sure to get your picks in by game time! FishStripers normally post their picks in the game's open thread, or you can post a comment with your picks in a previous post if you need to get them in early for some reason. We'll find 'em.

Example picks:



Fish hit 2+ HR

Early in the season we'll post a chart in the right side bar that keeps track of the points, and who is in the lead. Many start Ichthy early in the season, but those who endure to the end are hardcore fans.

If you have any questions, just ask, and ichthy veterans will be happy to help you out.